•     An Integrated Media Platform as a Service offering (PaaS) focusing on the regional marketplace. The Platform meets the latest requirements of the media industry players including source acquisition, video processing, as well as, distribution to a wide array of clients and devices. This will allow customers to successfully compete in the new environment of multi-screen and user-choice enabling them to better monetize their offerings. Clients will be able to generate additional revenues by providing their video libraries on a subscription fee basis, charging rental fees for streamed videos, and inserting targeted advertising into delivered content.

The offering is targeting main customer segments:

•     Telecom Operators and ISPs: Allowing Telcos, mobile operators, and ISPs to provide an End-To-End OTT and IPTV Streaming solution to deliver content, streamed and VoD, across the range of supported devices.

•     Broadcasters and Linear TV Channels: Allowing existing and new TV channel operators to stream live and linear content to viewers globally as well as provide a video on demand (VoD) offering.

•     Content Owners, Creators and Aggregators: Allowing content creators to host, manage, digitize, and monetize their TV shows, films, drama series, and any other recorded content through streaming and VoD offerings. The service will also allow event organizers to take their “live” content beyond specific venues and to capture additional revenues.

•     Live Events: Allowing live events to be streamed real time, time shifted or availed as Video on Demand.