Source Acquisition and Transcoding: The Platform can ingest content from a variety of sources, including satellite and terrestrial feeds, live events, IP, as well as stored media, and convert them to streaming formats compatible with all devices.

Adaptive Bitrate (ABR): ABR is crucial to ensure that all viewers can watch the content stream with minimal or no buffering.  The Platform transcodes the stream in the cloud to as many profiles as necessary to provide the highest quality source possible and to help ensure the best customer experience.

Hosting: All videos are hosted securely on servers and can be managed easily using the web content management system (CMS). Users can also batch, upload and manage files and folders via FTP client.

Content Management System: The user-friendly CMS allows for convenient uploading, removal, and publication of videos. A multi-device embed code is generated for each uploaded video, and can be used to insert a streaming VoD asset into any website. Videos can also be published to websites and applications automatically, with a tool that allows adding titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and other data for display.  The system also allows clients to manage their live streams and how they appear to viewers, create publishing points, and configure features like DVR archiving and adaptive bitrate uplink.

Linear Cloud PlayOut: Allows the creation of a 24/7 live stream by uploading recorded video assets. The client’s broadcast can be scheduled multiple days in advance and is delivered as a live linear stream to any device via the VDN.

DVR and Catch-Up: Allows viewers to rewind instantly to catch up on any missed content. The streamed or live events are recorded in real-time and the player lets viewers scroll back to any moment in time.

Social Integration: The Platform allows clients to integrate the stream directly into their unique social media pages, and makes it easy for your viewers to share the content, giving it maximum exposure.

Authentication & Security: Protects the content using token authentication security. Restricts access to content only to approved viewers and specifically in geographic locations (Geo-IP) and/or on authorized websites and apps. The security module integrates with the Client’s DRM/security solution of choice.

Analytics: Allows the client to identify a viewer’s identify, device, viewing behavior, and location; and to access this data in both historic and real-time to make informed dynamic decisions about the content and monetization strategy.  These detailed stats, available during and after your stream, help clients make real-time and post-event adjustments.

Global Streaming: Uploaded content is automatically transmuxed into streaming formats needed for delivery to all devices. All of the live, linear, DVR, and VOD is delivered via a Video Delivery Network (VDN), engineered to provide the best possible live streaming experience along the world’s fastest backbones using route optimization technology—the VDN provides real-time packet loss and latency mitigation and ensures highest quality delivery to every viewer.

Delivery: The Platform includes a device-detecting embed code for easy web integration, and offers custom, white-labeled apps that viewers can download to watch all the content with security, authentication, and monetization integrated.


Monetization Options:

Advertising:  Enables clients to generate revenues from inserting advertising (ads) into delivered content.  The system accommodates targeted ads (pre-rolls and mid-rolls) and integrates with third-party networks and ad exchanges.

Subscription:  Allows clients to capture recurring revenue by charging periodic (daily, weekly, monthly, or annual) subscription fee for viewers to accessing content. The system allows the client to set their own pricing, create different packages, and monetize on any device. Viewers create an account and process a payment from a white-labeled website, developed for the client, then use their credentials to sign into any of the applications.

Pay-Per-View:  Provides viewers with the option to pay or rent the VoD content through a transactional monetization basis either on the client’s website or on applications offered by the Platform. Viewers register for an account, enter their payment information, and can purchase or rent any video. Videos associated with an account can be consumed from any device while logged in.

Billing & CRM System: The Platform offers the clients billing and CRM systems which power seamless recurring subscription and pay-per-view revenue generation for streamed content. Viewers register on a website offered and white-labeled for the client and process a credit/debit card or other type of payment directly through the client’s processing provider of choice. The client ultimately controls how content is monetized by creating unique subscription packages or setting VoD transactional prices. The CRM system further allows clients to create, edit, and delete customer accounts easily.  Furthermore, the Platform allows clients to track revenue growth through a suite of reporting tools.